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The tower named Torre Faro will lay within a new strategical area in Milan, which corresponds with the Southern Area. A2A’s new headquarter will connect Milan’s historic center and periphery, by reactivating a north-south axis that runs from the city center through Via Crema and Piazza Trento all the way to Symbiosis business district. Furthermore, the tower will directly face the upcoming Olympic Village for Milano-Cortina Winter Games in 2026, located within the disused railway yard. FACES has taken part in the whole design stages, from the contest phase to the site supervision of the building site which will start in 2022. The project consists in the new construction of the Tower and a 3-story-high fully glazed building, and in the renovation and retrofitting of the existing buildings which already belonged to A2A society.

The structural and facade design has required a remarkable design effort due to the complexity of the tower’s building shape; in fact, it has a circular plan, an overall height of 145m, and an eccentric conic-truncated shape, which generates glazed modules which are unique and different one from each other; even the structural slabs are different at each floor. The most representative floors (Ground floor, intermediate garden, and the Belvedere on 27th floor) are characterized by double-height structures, where inclined belt trusses where designed.


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