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Facade Engineering

We deliver complete projects, from conceptual to detailed design. In coordination with the Design Team, we manage custom design in compliance with architectural intent, sustainability approach, ease of production and installation. The design always comes with thermal and structural analysis, technical specification and economic evaluation. In the final stage we provide a full package for tender.

Building Physics

We offer solar reflection and shadow studies as well as 2D and 3D thermal and condensation risk analysis, together with other services requested to support the design team.

Site Supervision

We provide site supervision, factory inspections, technical support and consultancy, QS coordination, visual and performance mock-up assistance, in order to achieve high-level quality, in compliance with the intended design.

BIM and Computational Design

We are able to design with sophisticated softwares, using computational design. We use contemporary parametric tools in order to create complex geometries and innovative shapes.

We use BIM and smart 3D model-based processes to make the whole design process efficient.

Structural Engineering 

We develop high-level projects related to civil infrastructures, residential and commercial buildings. We provide structural design, seismic static and dynamic analysis, as well as geotechnical engineering assistance, from conceptual to detailed design, in coordination with the Design Team, in order to deliver a full package for tender. 

Technical Review

We are able to provide technical review of as-built drawings, structural and thermal reports issued by GC and sub-contractors. Additionally, we provide on-site and off-site testing witnessing.

Due Diligence

We have capabilities to meet our clients' requests, supporting them throughout the design process, in order to achieve the desired targets, starting from the feasibilities study, sharing appropriate technical solutions and using a problem-solving approach.

Faces Engineering
Cap. sociale - 20000,00€

Viale San Michele del Carso 1

20144 Milano - Italy

Faces Engineering - Milano - Italia

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IT 08805210963

Telefono - 0287033217

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