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Il Dritto (The Straight One) has been designed by Arata Isozaki & Associates, Andrea Maffei Architects and it's one of the tallest skyscrapers in Italy (207 meters high). It is the new Allianz headquarter and it includes 50 floors of offices.

The tower strikes a stunning ultrathin profile, composed of eight modules, each one including six floors.

The highly transparent façade is in triple-glass units slightly curved outwards. The curtain wall is cold-bent to the outside and straight to the interior facade.

The vertical succession of rounded forms creates a feeling of slight vibration of the volume, as it rises upwards. Elevations of the short sides are fully glazed and show the mechanical series of six panoramic lifts.

The architectural intent to design an endless tower was successfully achieved, in fact, the thin volume emphasizes the slenderness.

Even though the building is strong enough to withstand a seismic event, rather than sacrifice office space at the top for a damper, the team opted for four external, and gold-painted, steel buttresses, which anchor into the structure on the 11th floor. 

CREDITS: Arata Isozaki | Andrea Maffei | Focchi Spa

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