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CREDITS: Dorte Mandrup


Bestseller tower, designed by Dorte Mandrup, is the tallest residential tower in Europe, with 320 mt of height.

The design of the whole village is compliant with DGNB sustainability certification: thanks to a 125 MW solar power plant, the entire global energy consumption is covered.

The tower dominates as a landmark, while, at its feet, a series of new buildings create a town.

The fashion company Bestseller HQ hosts offices, retail areas, and a high-rise hotel with a conference center. The primary intents are to give to employees an attractive environment, in order to improve the quality of work and to re-think the classic idea of a headquarter, inviting the local community to join in and creating a long-term plan for the company’s presence in Brande, where the head-quarter is located.

Dorte Mandrup chooses a strong grid facade, 

The main challenge of the tower is its slenderness that requires a strong structure that is able to withstand wind and seismic forces, being, at the same time as unobstructed as possible, to maximize usable space and uninterrupted views.

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