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Eni is one of the leading energy companies. The brand new campus is located ten kilometers southwest of Milan (San Donato Milanese). The building transpires from the landscape as an urban island, contributing to the development and culture of the low-density area. 

The construction, composed of four buildings, is supposed to represent the layered composition of the earth. The buildings’ zones are organized in strata, with articulated elevations linked by sky-bridges.

The previous building will serve as the main entrance gateway, leading to the new campus and hostess the public Exposition halls and meeting rooms. Each floor plate measures a width of 21 meters consisting of private offices and meeting rooms on a central axis. The big windows allow ample landscape views and light. FACES has taken part in the technical review of facade engineering during the construction phases.

The project has been designed to achieve LEED Gold Italia requirements. 

CREDITS: Il Prisma

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