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Corso Como Place design reinvigorates the existing building, providing contemporary office space, and making it a relevant urban counterpoint to the vibrant neighbourhood. The architectural intent was to redesign the external form with a new faceted glazed curtain walling, increasing the levels of light into the workspace.

In addition, a significant area of the façade is used as a solar power collector, accumulating energy to be used in the building. Externally the facetted glazing reflects the sun and surrounding buildings and trees in a varying array of angles throughout the course of the day, providing an everchanging fractured image of the building’s urban context.

The adjacent four-story podium is a new construction that opens up to the city, designed for office and retail.

Corso Como Place complies with the international standard NZEB, thanks to its excellent energy performance. It is LEED 'Gold' rated, WELL and C2C certified.

All this has been made possible thanks to an extensive system of photovoltaic elements, as well as the use of geothermal energy, which actually covers 65% of annual requirements, and the implementation of passive design strategies, such as the integration of high-performing façade with automatic solar shading.

CREDITS: Coima | PLP Architect

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