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Zaha Hadid Architects has completed the new Generali headquarter, a twisted tower, 170 meters high.

The geometry of the building is that of a warping shape, where both the floors' dimension and their orientation vary along the tower axis: a vortex of centripetal forces runs through the tower, where the twist reduces upwards.

A central core acts as main horizontal stiffening and resisting element. Inclined perimeter columns follow the twisting geometry of the tower and help to maximise office space.

A double-skin facade with internal louvres provides sun and energy control. The air cavity between internal and external skin is naturally ventilated: CFD analysis have been carried out in order to evaluate the thermal behaviour of the whole building in winter and summer.

In terms of energy efficiency, the tower excels, among all international benchmark towers, complying, at the same time, with Milan strict energy codes: its double-skin facade provides excellent energy performance and contributes to Generali tower's LEED Platinum certification.

A steel, free-form podium for commercial use surrounds the base of the building.

CREDITS: Zaha Hadid | CMB Carpi | Redesco | Max Tiabys | Jacopo Spilimbergo |Grattacieli Milano

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