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The portico is a 53.500 sqm development with workspace and public amenities. The two individual buildings are connected by 140 m long hanging roof structure that creates a "portico" with thin columns working in tension to prevent uplift.

The building's canopy works as reversed portico blurring the boundary between public and private, indoor and outdoor.

The canopy is coverd by photovoltaic solar shingles that would be one of the largest integrated solar roofs in Europe.

The larger of the two buildings will contain a mix of offices, while the smaller block will contain a 120-room hotel.

Courtyards inside two buildings brings generous daylight and natural ventilation, allowing for astonishing views over the private gardens as well. The courtyards acts as a filter to dim the light reaching the south facade.

CREDITS: Generali Real Estate SGR | BIG Bjarke Ingels Group

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