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Libeskind Tower (the Curved One) is located between the Straight One and the Twisted One and is characterised by a rising concave shape which reaches 150 m.

The tower has been created in line with state-of-the-art building and environmental sustainability criteria, making it one of the most recognizable buildings of the new Milan skyline. The glazing facade, curved inwards, reflects the public space below.

The Renaissance cupola is the basic principle behind Il Curvo’s concept. It is reinterpreted through the concave movement of its elevation and it culminates in the crown, both distinctive elements of the project.

The ground floor is composed by a triple-height entrance hall, accessible from the Shopping District, the M5 subway, and the square.

The offices start from the first to the twenty-eighth floor. The twenty-seventh floor hosts an impressive double-height conference hall.

The central core provides maximum flexibility of offices space.

CREDITS: Daniel LIbeskind | Focchi Spa | Grattacieli Milano

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