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Nimit Langsuan, designed by ACPV and located in Bangkok, Thailand, is a 210 m. high residential tower. It is a super-luxury high-rise building, surrounded by green areas, such as Lumpini park. The tower is unique in Bangkok landscape, as it is characterised by three-dimensional curved glass elements that split the façade vertically, forming a glazed grid which spans from the podium to the top of the tower, along 54 floors.

The corners have been studied in order to provide open views to the city.

The envelope has been ad-hoc designed to control glare and to manage solar gain: high-performance coatings have been specified to avoid overheating of the internal environment and to achieve the required solar performance.

On the 10th floor, the beckoning waters of the swimming pool overlooks Lumpini Park, inviting people to swim above the city: indeed, the facilities designed for NIMIT Langsuan have been carefully studied to match residents' needs, providing 100% car-parking, privacy and state of the art security systems.


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