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The refurbishment of Pirelli 35 building will be in line with the context and with the buildings around.

The re-shape consists of a new volume and a bridge which links the existing with the new one, a new penthouse office floor that floats above the rooftop restaurant, new indipendent retails at ground floor levels, called “bubbles” with curved glazing and transparent courtyards at basemente level.

Clad with terracotta, the extension intimately addresses the smaller scale of the surrounding residential buildings whilst also providing contrast to the GFRC that will be used to reclad the original building. The environmentally sustainable aspects of the building will be fulfilled through a series of thoughtful interventions.

Low embodied energy materials as well as re-used and recycled materials will be used throughout the building, and photovoltaic roofs will power a water-to-water heat pump for thermal generation. A huge advantage is also gained by reusing the existing concrete structures as cement production is a carbon-intensive process.

CREDITS: Coima | Snøhetta & Park Associati

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