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Tortona 33, also called Mada building, is a refurbishment project, located in a post-industrial area of Milan.

The architectural intent was to design a non-traditional office building with a stunning entrance. The base concept is that an innovative space might help to develop smart ideas, to easily face challenges and, generally, to improve the quality of work and relationships.

The entrance is the building's landmark. Two full-height glazed surfaces are suspended from the cantilever canopy, breaking the corten monolithic surface. Fixed-points anchor the glass to stainless-steel beams, hanging from the canopy by means of steel tension rods.

The inclusive design, carried-out by Il Prisma, complies with the recent energy performance requirements, in fact Mada building is LEED certified, with 'Platinum' rating. The offices are clad with fully glazed curtain walls, characterized by high transparency.

CREDITS: Il Prisma

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