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Vanke Pavilion was designed by Daniel Libeskind for the Chinese residential real estate  Vanke, for Expo 2015, which took place in Milan.

The design features a sinuous geometrical pattern that flows between inside and outside. A grand staircase, clad in warm grey concrete, carves through the red serpentine form and guides visitors to the upper level. A roof-top observation deck with a planted garden provides stunning views of the whole area.

The pavilion is clad with more than 4,000 red metalised tiles. The geometric ceramic panels create an expressive pattern that is evocative of a dragon-like skin but also possesses highly sustainable self-cleaning and air purification properties. The three-dimensional surface is coated with a metallic colour that changes as light and viewpoints shift.

The façade geometry has been engineered using advanced coding techniques and computational design in order to simplify the construction process. One of the core challenges was to find out a solution that could simplify the production and construction processes without compromising the unique design.

CREDITS: Daniel LIbeskind | J&A Consultants Srl | Hufton + Crow | Dirk Verwoerd

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