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VP 22

A landmark building in Centrale district has been developed by MANULI HOLDINGS and designed by TECTOO.

The new real estate development close to Milano Centrale railway station, consists in demolishing and rebuilding a 1960s building. The new mixed-use building (commercial, services, offices) will have more than 60 parking spaces and a garden landscaped with tall trees.
The project stands out for its high architectural value with its iconic façade that use ceramic 3D cladding as sun shading device.
The main volume of the building is constructed by a unitized system characterized by extruded white ceramic elements with an additional layer of shading devices. These elements called “ceramic trees” have been designed as custom design ceramic shapes added to the façade.

The study of the façade was developed through solar studies to understand the lighting condition of the internal environment testing the solar path around the building through the seasons.

The façade will feature a CO2-absorbing ceramic coating, and the entire development will adopt the most advanced environmental sustainability criteria, in line with the LEED and WELL certifications.


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